For the past decade price of television sets has been dropping significantly. Year 2017 is no exception.  It’s getting more and more affordable to buy a new TV.  What about TV Repair cost? Does TV repair gets any cheaper. Should you even try to get TV fixed? Let’s try to find out.

Short answer:

TV under 32″

Most of repairs would not be economical. Cheaper to buy a new TV.

TV 32″ to 60″

There is a good chance that repair on this TV would be cheaper than replacement cost.

TV above 60″

Most of these higher end models would make sense to repair. Unless TV got defective/damaged LCD Panel, Repair cost will be a lot cheaper than price of new television.


Now detailed answer:

Size of TV is most significant factor when it comes to Television price. The bigger TV is, the more you will have to pay for it. We going to look at 3 different examples based on size of the screen  and compare average price of fixing vs replacing it.

TV 32″ and under

Model 24LF452B – LG 24″ 720p TV 

Retail price of this TV is $119.99 At moment of writing this TV is on sale at Best Buy for the price of $89.99

Most common problem is defective main board, part number EBU63005915. It is priced at $117.11 plus shipping. Even if you didn’t have to pay for labor, it would still be cheaper to buy a new TV.


TV 32″ to 60″

Model UN50J6200 – 50″ Samsung Smart TV priced at $499.00

Main board for this TV cost $109.78 part number  BN94-09064A

Power supply cost is $64.93 part number BN44-00772A

Even if you have to replace both boards it might be still economical to repair it.

TV larger than 60″

Model UN65KS8000 – 65″ Samsung 4K Smart TV with HDR priced at $1699.99

Main board  cost is $238.00 part number BN94-10763Y

Power supply cost is $182.60 part number BN44-00880A

Even if you have to replace both boards and pay for labor and a service call, price to replace it would definitely exceed cost of repair.